Why do we exist

In 2007 we embarked on a journey to develop and build a 225 unit community based residential project in Brampton, Ontario.

We immediately recognized that the traditional Design-Tender-Construct (DTC) development model excluded the core construction team members from the Planning & Design process. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) overcomes the inherent issues of DTC and we chose to embrace IPD for our project.

Our positive experience with The Residences of Villa Polonia inspired us to continue looking for opportunities involving the development of "high quality / cost effective" construction in Southwestern Ontario. We have witnessed the efficiencies of IPD in the development and construction process and look forward to explaining them to your team.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) means that we no longer need be forced to choose between good, fast, and cheap. That old adage no longer applies.

IPD represents an innovation in traditional building and development thinking. IPD replaces the traditional Design-Tender-Construct approach because DTC is more complex, less efficient, & inherently costly.

An IDP approach makes it possible to deliver projects quickly and affordably without any sacrifice of quality. The IPD process leverages the experiences, talent, and input of all team members at the earliest possible stage to minimize risk and increase value for the developer client.

Integrated Project Delivery

IPD achieves lean construction at a time when the industry is searching for ways to improve quality, longevity, eliminate waste, cut costs, and improve productivity in order to create positive outcomes.

We embrace IPD because it means project delivery is on time, on budget, and overall project design that is smarter offering better long-term value, and ultimately an earlier time to revenue generation.